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Copyright Violation is wrong. Filing complaints for legitimate violations is both ethical and appropriate. Lying however is not. To misrepresent a “FAIR USE’ citation of a clip as a Copyright Violation is both dishonest and despotic. To further claim that a video not even showing clips of the complainant (Amir Tsarfati) is a ‘Copyright Violation’, in order to suppress open, fair, and reasonable doctrinal disagreement or theological discussion – is nothing short of lying. Amir Tsarfati’s dishonest actions are shameful and unbecoming of someone claiming to be a saved believer in Yeshua. How can an Israeli professing to be a follower of his Messiah go to the secular world and make false accusations against fellow believers like this? This is done only to silence criticism of his teaching, which many believers who support Israel, including a number of Jewish believers, hold to be doctrinal errors. When the world behaves like this, that is the world. When believers behave like this, it is a disgrace to the Name and cause of Yeshua, bringing reproach upon His Gospel.

We ourselves normally agree with Amir Tsarfati’s political commentaries. His “teaching,” however, is in the view of many believers a mixture of truth and error warranting honest, scripturally based discussion. Amir Tsarfati is indeed a tour guide and an officer in the military reserves, and is in a position to produce such political and strategic commentaries as a believer. He does not however pastor a congregation in Israel, he is not a Messianic theologian, nor speak for the Messianic leadership in Israel. Amir Tsarfati’s ministry is primarily to the church in the diaspora. We publicly call upon Amir Tsarfati to repent and apologize to Dean Gibson and Sonia Azam.

The specific teaching of Amir Tsarfati challenged, concerned his false Christology that Yeshua is the Archangel Michael. When first accosted, he reacted by citing a Jehovah’s Witness cult false teaching, then Amir Tsarfati angrily blamed others as if he were a victim of something other than his own erroneous dogma. Now Amir files copyright violation claims where no violations exist. Regarding his second bogus copyright strike against the converted Moslem sister Sonia Azam, some of us even agree with Amir Tsarfati’s position on a Jewish antichrist. This however does not constitute a right to dishonestly sequester, by such utterly disingenuous means, material that reviews and dialogues about his proposition. The habitual belligerence exhibited by Amir Tsarfati in response to those in honest disagreement with him has now been replaced by a policy of demonstrable dishonesty.

2020 08 16 John Haller’s Prophecy Update “The Abraham Accords.”

While there are numerous events that have occurred during the past week that have prophetic significance, there is one that stands out from the confusion as key. There is the potential that the agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the Nation of Israel may be the modern “Archduke of Ferdinand” moment that could trigger a series of clashes predicted in Scripture between Israel and her allies. John explains in great detail the significance and the potential impact of this agreement in this week’s update entitled “The Abraham Accords.”



This very recent, timely and necessary article authored by Lynn & Sarah Lesley was not in any way commissioned by Moriel , RTN, or any adjuncts of such ,                           but is webposted by consent of Herescope. We do however commend its doctrinal, theological, and factual accracy and thank the authors for producing it.

To answer the questions about how and why seemingly godly men would follow after false prophetesses, here are our observations after our many decades in the trenches with the Lord. 
We have always considered the term “Jezebel” and the term “false prophetess” to be synonyms. The Scripture is clear that there are attributes of Jezebel in both the Old and New Testament that identify a false prophetess quite specifically. 
Over the years Lynn and I have counseled many Christians trying to repent of all of their previous occult involvements. We have observed that there is a fallible “soft spot” in the hearts of certain vulnerable Christian men who lean sympathetically towards a false prophetess, epitomized by the women called Jezebel in Scripture. Worse, there is a “fear of man” (or, should we say, “fear of woman”) that is also a fatal loophole in men who fall into abject submission when confronted by the nasty side of false prophetesses. Every man of God needs to be exhorted to stand firm against such women. They persecute (threaten, intimidate, bully, verbally or physically abuse, etc.) the true prophets of God, meaning those men who are teaching the Word and standing for Truth. Jezebel literally killed godly men in the Old Testament!
There is also the seductive side to a false prophetess. She preys upon the sensory and/or emotional weaknesses in men —  hooking them in where they have a “soft spot” for her. She massages their lusts — sexual, money, power, fame, etc. Or she makes them somehow dependent upon her, they feel that then “need” her or her machinations, or that they are somehow indebted unto her. She may even blackmail them. Or she may position them to “choose” between her and some godly woman (including possibly his wife!). She supplants the place of Christ in their hearts and minds with these clever methods. So if there is any weak spot in a man that has not been repented of? —  This is precisely where she seizes control to wield and manipulate them. This is psychic, it is occult, it is satanic, it is idolatry. She stabs into the heart and it is deadly. It is a tragedy when we see her operate in a marriage. And this is how she destroys a church and/or a ministry. 
We have observed that there is a darkness of vision that accompanies a false prophetess deception. Many men do not even realize they are under the spell of a false prophetess. We’ve known pastors who permitted an out-of-order heresy-prone woman to wreak havoc upon his congregation — either terrified to confront her, or wooed by her many elaborate ruses, or in a few cases, physically seduced by her. 
At its most basic level there is a psychological weakness we humans all have for those whom we love and respect. Sometimes we have great tolerance for the sinful errors of others close to us, hoping we can lead them back to Truth. Indeed, the Lord Himself says He gave the Jezebel in Thyatira (Rev. 2) “space to repent”  — therefore so must we. The Lord also gave those who committed adultery with her time and space to “repent of their deeds.” But, if there is no repentance, and when we find that we are actually having to justify our convivial relationship to the point of excusing flagrant transgressions or participating in her sins, heresies, errors and deceptions, then we are headed into deep trouble. And it behooves us to be continually on guard against any “desperately wicked” (Jer. 17:9) “soft spots” we may harbor in our hearts towards her that leave us vulnerable to her deceptions. 
There is a notable sign of our times regarding this “prophetess” danger which we should be aware of. It may apply to men prophets, too. Our longtime friend Jack Morlan, who repented radically and came out of the homosexual movement 40 years ago (he got married, had children, and is now a grandfather) claims that certain men may wield this same Jezebel-ish psychic/occult power over other men, particularly if they are prone to homosexual sins (either known or in the closet). He has warned us of men who acted like Jezebel both within and without the church. Godly men need to guard against this sort of man as well. 
As for women, and their weaknesses — the many who desire to emulate Jezebel — this is another tragic story. Women prophetess-wannabes exhibit both a seductive and a nasty side. Many of them are  trying to fill a void in their hearts — but not with Jesus Christ. They have left their first love, if they even ever held to Jesus Christ in the first place. These are women who crave power, fame, accolades, money, beauty, lust and sensuality on the path to emulating Jezebel. Often they come from broken homes or abusive background. There is an aspect of control as they look to build an empire, their own spiritual kingdom. Our heart grieves for them while they are lost in the depths of their depravity because only Jesus Christ can save them from their sins. 
We once attended a church where the chief elder’s wife visited the New Age bookstore once a month to learn about the latest “spirituality.” She was a prophetess-wannabe, hoping for TV type stardom. This undiscerning lady became deeply involved in Kundalini — she even attempted to lay hands on ladies’ chakra points at a church women’s retreat. Discerning women attempted to warn the pastor. But because her husband donated large monies to the church the minister was reluctant to confront her. The church quickly fell apart in a series of disasters.
Some false prophetesses come to Christ out of the occult. But if they never fully repented of their occult “spiritual gifts” they are tempted to use them in Christianity. They can then wield great power over others with these false gospel gifts.  It is far worse when a woman claims to be the voice of prophecy, or even the voice of God. At this point she’s become a full-blown dangerous false prophetess and people need to be warned of her dangers. The extent to which these women become public figures, acclaimed and renowned, sitting on platforms with or standing in the place of men, exhibiting their false gifts, poses a danger to the entire church at large. Can such a woman be saved? God gave space and time for the apparently high profile Jezebel and her followers to repent in Thyatira. But if no such repentance becomes evident — which should include not only a public repentance but an open renouncing of specific sins, errors, heresies, misleadings and false teachings — she should then be warned against publicly.
We will warn that there is a backlash to any Gospel dealings with Jezebel/false prophetesses. Just ask Elijah. Some of the most vicious persecution we have experienced in our Christian life has come from them or their minions. 
Lynn and Sarah Leslie


REVELATION 3 : 19 – 24

2 KINGS 9: 30 – 37

Promo – If I Be Lifted Up

Coming soon: What does “If I be Lifted up” mean? Jacob Prasch will discuss the meaning of this wonderful teaching from our Lord. Find out when Moriel releases their newest video. Moriel TV is active in the area of discernment withstanding the popular apostasy in the contemporary church that The Word of God warns would precede the return of Jesus. We remain firmly aligned to the conviction that contemporary events in The Middle East , Europe, and in the church make the present time in history different from other eras when people thought it was the last days. We affirm the belief that Jesus is coming again and prophecy of His return is radically being fulfilled increasingly.

Unmasking Other Jesuses

“The Great Mystery” PDF document, 1863: General points on evangelism: -All evangelism starts with prayer and love -Pull the mask off of the false Christ -Show great patience with family members – Listen and ask questions so that people understand that you care for them In witnessing to Mormons: -Untangle the terminology (e.g. “grace”, “repentance”, “sin”, etc.) -Show the difference between the real Jesus of scripture and the Morman “jesus” who is the spirit brother of Lucifer and is not God. In witnessing to Roman Catholics: -Show contradictions between the Roman Catholic Catechism and the Bible -Show that the “jesus”of Roman Catholicism is an “insufficient” savior (they need their version of jesus plus other things to be saved) vs. the Jesus of scripture who is the complete sacrifice for sin In witnessing to Jews -Use the concept of a plural oneness to understand the triunitarian nature of God -Expose the “Metatron” of the Talmud as a different Jesus and show how many of the divine attributes they attribute to the “Metatron” actually describe Jesus the Messiah. -Show how Jesus fulfills the Messianic prophecies (e.g. pardons sin, is to be obeyed, etc.) -Show how elements of the Passover Seder such as the Afikoman matzo and 3-compartment bag are pictures of a triune God and Jesus as the One who was broken for our sin Moriel TV is active in the area of discernment withstanding the popular apostasy in the contemporary church that The Word of God warns would precede the return of Jesus. We remain firmly aligned to the conviction that contemporary events in The Middle East , Europe, and in the church make the present time in history different from other eras when people thought it was the last days. We affirm the belief that Jesus is coming again and prophecy of His return is radically being fulfilled increasingly.