Concerning a recent pathetic tirade which we only reluctantly address

Concerning a recent pathetic tirade which we only reluctantly address  To Whom It May Concern,Christian Greetings & Season’s Blessings.A Moriel volunteer who monitors the internet forwarded us a link to a ridiculous blog article entitled:’Jacob the deceiver’.While we have had no correspondence from our subscribers regarding this new attempted maelstromof defamatory and slanderous cyber harassment…

Thank God for Abortion Anthem!!

Because of these things the Wrath of God shall come. They have no clue that their arrogant flaunting of their wickedness is a mere reflection of the very real fact that God has handed them over to eternal perdition. They won’t be dancing and mocking in the Lake of Fire.  

Amir Tsarfati – Cyber Bully – MTV

Copyright Violation is wrong. Filing complaints for legitimate violations is both ethical and appropriate. Lying however is not. To misrepresent a “FAIR USE’ citation of a clip as a Copyright Violation is both dishonest and despotic. To further claim that a video not even showing clips of the complainant (Amir Tsarfati) is a ‘Copyright Violation’,…

If I be lifted up from the earth

Jacob looks at this important scripture from John 12-32 and shows the confused and assumed understanding today, is misguided and incorrect. He establishes the concept of two independent but related meanings for this scripture and confirms the modern understanding as a metaphor for worship is incorrect, albeit well-intended.

2020 08 16 John Haller’s Prophecy Update “The Abraham Accords.”

While there are numerous events that have occurred during the past week that have prophetic significance, there is one that stands out from the confusion as key. There is the potential that the agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the Nation of Israel may be the modern “Archduke of Ferdinand” moment that could trigger…


BY:  LYNN& SARAH LESLEY  (PUBLISHED COURTESY OF HERESCOPE MINISTRIES) This very recent, timely and necessary article authored by Lynn & Sarah Lesley was not in any way commissioned by Moriel , RTN, or any adjuncts of such ,                           but is webposted by consent…

A Tour of the Home Doreen Virtue bought when she lost it all.

A tour of the home Doreen Virtue bought when she has claimed to have lost everything by turning away from the new age towards Christianity. We find some interesting things inside her home. a Knights Templar display two paintings of guardian angels.

Promo – If I Be Lifted Up

Coming soon: What does “If I be Lifted up” mean? Jacob Prasch will discuss the meaning of this wonderful teaching from our Lord. Find out when Moriel releases their newest video. Moriel TV is active in the area of discernment withstanding the popular apostasy in the contemporary church that The Word of God warns would…


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